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Allegan county map

Size: 826 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-900 Feet
Physiography: Hill-lands; Lake border; Plains
Growing Season: 140-160 days
Annual Precipitation: 33-36 inches
Average Snowfall: 60-90 inches
Forest Type: Maple-Beech, Oak, Elm-Ash-Cottonwood
Fall Colors: Middle October

Indians were the first people living in Allegan county. They hunted the mammoth and mastadons which such tools as long flint spearheads. Later the first white settlement was founded in 1830, and there were still Indians living along the Kalamazoo River. The water power from the Kalamazoo River attracted capitalists from Eastern United States. For years the steamboats traveled the Kalamazoo River between Allegan and Saugatuck. With all the lumbering in early years, it allowed for clear lands to make agriculture the main industry. Industries include potatoes, barley, dairy, turkey raising, paper products, gravel and tourism. Allegan county has been called the "Cape Cod" of the Midwest. The county has 25 miles of Lake Michigan coastline, sand dunes, over 400 lakes, many trout streams, and acres of state forest lands.

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Fillmore Michigan Fisk Michigan Ganges Michigan
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South Moneterey Michigan Spring Grove Michigan Watson Michigan
Wayland Michigan blank blank

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