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Alpena county map

Size: 565 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-1200 Feet
Physiography: Hill-lands; Lake border plains; Rolling plains
Growing Season: 120-150 days
Annual Precipitation: 28-30 inches
Average Snowfall: 60-90 inches
Forest Type: Oak-Hickory, Aspen-Birch
Fall Colors: Late September to Early October

The county name means "the partridge county". Stone and copper tools have been found dating back to around 1500 BC. Thunder Bay got its name when LaSalle and Father Hennipen were traveling and encountered a terrible storm. White settlers arrived around the 1830's and began trading with the Chippewa and Ottawa Indians. Because of the abundance of timber the area became an lumbering center. In 1858 a schooner crossed Thunder Bay and landed it what is today the city of Alpena. Alpena is the county's largest industrial city and port. Alpena today is a great resort area. The Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve attracts scuba divers where there are shipwrecks below.

Alpena (49707) Ashland Bolton
Cathro Diamonds Corner Flanders
Herron (49744) Hubbard Lake (49747) Lachine (49753)
Lakewood Leer Long Rapids
McHarg Nappers Corner Ossineke (49766)
Paxton Rockport Spratt
Stony Point blank blank

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