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Gratiot county map

Size: 566 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-800 Feet
Physiography: Rolling plains, lake border plains
Growing Season: 140-160 days
Annual Precipitation: 28-31 inches
Average Snowfall: 40-60 inches
Forest Type: Oak-Hickory, Aspen-Birch, Maple-Beech
Fall Colors: Early October

The County is named after Captain Charles Gratiot who was the builder of Port Huron area and Fort Gratiot. The first white settler, Arnold Payne, came in 1846. He started the Bethany Indian Mission in St Louis. Land was sold for 50 cents an acre by the US Government. This brought a lot a people to the area in a short amount of time. After the Civil War lumbering became the leading industry and then later on agriculture producing dry beans and soybeans. The city of Alma is home to Alma College and Total-Leonard Refining Company.

Gratiot County Online

Alma (48801) Ashley (48806) Bannister (48807)
Beebe Breckenridge (48615) Brice
Bridgeville Carson City (48811) Edgewood
Elm Hall (48830) Elwell (48832) Eugene
Forest Hill Galloway Ithaca (48847)
Langport Maple Rapids (48853) Meridian
Middleton (48853) Newark North Star (48862)
Ola Perrinton (48871) Pompeii (48874)
Rathbone Riverdale (48877) Saint Louis (48880)
Sethton Sickles Springbrook
Stella Summerton Sumner (48889)
Wheeler (48862) blank blank

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