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Hillsdale county map

Size: 600 Square Miles
Elevation: 900-1200 Feet
Physiography: Rolling plains, hilly uplands
Growing Season: 140-160 days
Annual Precipitation: 33-36 inches
Average Snowfall: 40-60 inches
Forest Type: Maple-Beech, Oak-Hickory
Fall Colors: Middle October

Hillsdale county was given its name because of the rolling green hills an valleys. It is also the only county that borders two other states, Indiana and Ohio. The first white settler came in 1827. Others followed and many were New Englanders. Villages began to grow where the travelers stopped to rest. These were Somerset, Moscow, Jonesville and Allen's Corner. Hillsdale is the oldest major city in mid-Michigan. In 1871 the railroad made it an important rail center. The Baptist Hillsdale College opened in 1844. Hillsdale county was a major farming area. Today Hillsdale County has manufacturing, outdoor recreational opportunities, with over a hundred inland lakes.

Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce

Allen (49227) Austin Bankers
Betzer Cambria Camden (49232)
Frontier (49239) Hillsdale (49242) Hoxie
Jefferson Jerome (49249) Jonesville (49250)
Litchfield (49252) Mallory Milnes
Moderville Montgomery (49255) Moscow (49257)
Mosherville (49258) North Adams (49262) Omega
Osseo (49266) Pittsford (49271) Prattville (49271)
Ransom Reading (49274) Saratoga
Shadyside Somerset (49281) Somerset Center (49282)
Steamburg Waldron (49288) Wheatland
Woodbridge blank blank

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