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Houghton County

Pronounced: HOE ton
Size: 1071 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-1600 Feet
Physiography: Highlands, upland plains, lake-border plains
Growing Season: 60-130 days
Annual Precipitation: 31-36 inches
Average Snowfall: 110-180 inches
Forest Type: Aspen-Birch, Maple-Hemlock
Fall Colors: Late September

Houghton's first mining company, the Qunicy Mining Company, began operations in 1848. In the 1860' Calumet and Hecla Company became the largest copper producer. In the 1900's Houghton County was the fourth largest county in population. Immigrants included Scandinavian, German, Cornish, French-Canadians, Italians, and the Slovaks. The Finish established Suomi College. Calumet was once a consideration as the capital of Michigan. Houghton County has a lot to offer its visitors with numerous abandoned mine sites, geology and history. Michigan Technological University is located here.

Houghton County Government Page

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Laurium (49913) Nisula (49952) Painesdale (49955)
Sidnaw (49961) South Range (49963) Toivola (49965)

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