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Isabella County

Size: 572 Square Miles
Elevation: 700-1,00 Feet
Physiography: Hill-lands, rolling plains, lake-border plains
Growing Season: 110-130 days
Annual Precipitation: 29-30 inches
Average Snowfall: 40-50 inches
Forest Type:Maple-Beech, Elm-Ash-Cottonwood, Oak-Hickory, Aspen-Birch
Fall Colors: Early October

The Chippewa River made it easy for the Chippewa Indians to hunt. The lumbering boom began in the 1850's with the arrival of the lumberman from Maine. The population began to grow with lumberman and farmers. The downtown area of Mt Pleasant was destroyed by fire, but was quickly rebuilt with brick. The first railroad operated in 1879 with passage to Detroit and Saginaw. Oil was discovered in 1927 east of Mt Pleasant, thus bringing more settlers to the County. Today Isabella County is still producing oil.

Alembic Blanchard (49310) Brinton
Coe Crawford Delwin
Drew Foster Herrick
Hooverton Jerseyville Jordan
Leaton Longwood Loomis
Mount Pleasant Nippesing Rosebush (48878)
Rowland Shepherd (48883) Strickland
Summerton Two Rivers Vandecar
Weidman (48893) Winn (48896) Wise
Woods blank blank

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