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Kalkaska county map

Size: 566 Square Miles
Elevation: 1000-1300 Feet
Physiography: Hill-lands, Upland Plains
Growing Season: 100-120 days
Annual Precipitation: 31-33 inches
Average Snowfall: 80-100 inches
Forest Type: Aspen-Birch, Elm-Ash-Cottonwood, Pine-Oak
Fall Colors: Late September - Early October

William Copeland wans the first settler in Kalkasa, purchasing land in 1855 near Round Lake. In 1872 A A Abbott and R L Thompson bought land along the Boardman River and the following year built a sawmill. Because of Kalkaska's county state forests, lakes and trout streams, it makes for a year-round tourist industry. In the 1970's gas and oil were found. The National Trout Festival and National Women's Bear Hunt are held here.

Kalakasa County

Arlene Butterfield Cutcheon
Dinca Dolph Falmouth (49632)
Jennings Lake City (49651) Lucas
McBain (49657) Merritt (49667) Moddersville
Moorestown (49651) Morey Pioneer
Prosper Stittsville blank

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