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Keweenaw County

Pronounced: KEY wa naw
Size: 544 Square Miles
Elevation: 700-1300 Feet
Physiography: Lake border plains, highlands
Growing Season: 120-140 days
Annual Precipitation: 32-34 inches
Average Snowfall: 80-160 inches
Forest Type:Birch, Maple, Hemlock
Fall Colors: Late September

Keweenaw gets its name from an Indian word for "Portage". The rich copper deposits here have been mined for thousands of years. The first successful copper mining operation of the Western Hemisphere was the Cliff Mine. Located on a side of mountain south of Eagle River. In 1844 fort Wilkins was built to keep peace between the Indians and the miners. Presently, no copper is mined in Keweenaw County. Keweenaw includes the scenic Isle Royal National Park, which is located 50 miles off shore in Lake Superior. Estivant Pines National Sanctuary with 500 year old pines is located on this peninsula. Long before the Europeans saw the Isle Royale, indians were mining copper there.

Copper Harbor

Ahmeek (49001) Allouez (49805) Copper Harbor (49918)
Eagle Harbor (49950) Eagle River (49924) East Harbor
East River Mohawk (49950) blank

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