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Manistee county map

Pronounced: MAN is TEE
Size: 558 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-900 Feet
Physiography: Plains, hill-lands, lake border
Growing Season: 130-160 days
Annual Precipitation: 30-32 inches
Average Snowfall: 80-100 inches
Forest Type: Oak-Hickory, Pine, Birch-Aspen
Fall Colors: Late September - Middle October

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It is believed that this county was first explored by Frenchmen. Pioneers from Massachusetts built a wooden blockhouse in the 1830's on the Manistee river, but they abandon this when they were forced out by Native Americans. In 1836 with the Treaty of Washington, Michigan Native Americans transferred the northwest lower peninsula to the US Government. 70,000 acres were set aside for their reservation at the mouth of the Manistee River. The reservation at a later date moved to the Grand Traverse area. The first sawmill was constructed by the white settlers in 1840, marking the beginning of the lumbering trade. In October 1871 a fire destroyed the city, and by 1873 the city began to flourish again. In the 1880's the logging industry was an important factor for the growth of this county. The last saw mill was closed in 1925, and the salt mines and fruit farms began to bring income back into the area. In the 1930's the Civilian Conservation Corps replanted the area establishing the Manistee National Forest. Today the county is a leader in salt production, as well as producing apples.

Arcadia (49613 Bear Lake (49614) Big Four Corners
Brethern (49619) Brown Copmish (49625)
Douglas Dublin East Lake (49626)
Filer City (49634) Hale Corner Harlan
High Bridge Humphrey Indian Village
Kaleva (49645) Lemon Malcolm
Manistee (49660) Marilla Maue Corners
Newland Norwalk Old House
Onekama (49675) Parkdale Pierport
Pleasanton Pomona Portage Point
Red Park Star Crossing Stronach (49660)
Tannerville Warrne's Corners Wellston (49689)
Wic-A-Te-Wah Wildwood Williamsport
Yates Corner blank blank

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