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Saginaw County

Size: 812 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-800 Feet
Physiography: Lake border plains
Growing Season: 140-160 days
Annual Precipitation: 28-30 inches
Average Snowfall: 40-60 inches
Forest Type: Elm-Ash-Cottonwood, Maple-Beech, Aspen-Birch
Fall Colors: Early October

The original inhabitants were the Sauk Indians and the name was derived from the world O-Sag-A-Nong, meaning "land of the Sauks". They left this area to escape the Iroquois. Later the land was occupied by the Chippewa. In 1819 The Treaty of Saginaw was signed which gave most of the eastern half of the lower peninsula to the United States Government. The Chippewa's refused to allow surveyors west of the Saginaw River, so a fort was put up on what today is the corner of Court and Hamilton streets in the city of Saginaw. The person credited with promoting and building the city of Saginaw was Norman Little. The Saginaw River Valley became the first large center for lumbering in Michigan. Salt was also being manufactured. Lumbering reached its peak by the 1880's and was replaced by a variety of industries. Today this county is one of Michigan's important manufacturing areas. The city of Saginaw has General Motors and Saginaw Steering Plants. Saginaw County is also produces sugar beets, soybeans, navy beans, and winter wheat. For recreation there is boating and fishing on the 600 miles of streams and rivers. The city of Chesaning holds an annual showboat attraction, and Frankenmuth (the Bavarian City) attracts millions of visitors annually.

Saginaw County

Alicia Arthur Birch Run (48415)
Blackmar Blumfield Corners Brady Center
Brant (48614) Bridgeport (48722) Buena Vista
Burt (48417) Carrollton (48724) Cass Bridge
Chapin Chesaning (48616) Clausedale
Crow Island Dice Fenmore
Fergus Fordney Fosters
Frankenmuth (48734) Frankentrost Freeland (48623)
Frost Galloway Garfield
Gera Havana Hemlock (48626)
Indiantown Iva Kochville
Kumback Lakefield Lawndale
Luce Manning Marion Springs
Mc Donagh Melborn Merrill (48637)
Norseville Nelson Oakley (48649
Olney Corners Orr Orville
Paines Parshallburg Pitcairnia
Reese (48757) Roosevelt Saginaw
Saint Charles (48655) Shattuckville Shields
Swan Creek Taymouth Verne
Zilwaukee blank blank

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