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St Clair county map

Size: 740 Square Miles
Elevation: 900-900 Feet
Physiography: Lake border plains, rolling plains
Growing Season: 150-170 days
Annual Precipitation: 29-34 inches
Average Snowfall: 40-60 inches
Forest Type: Oak-Hickory, Aspen-Birch, Maple-Beech
Fall Colors: Early October

Traces of relics from a race known as "Mount Builders" were found in the St Clair River area. Fort St Joseph became the first white settlement in 1868 on the St Clair River. This fort was built by the French to try and keep the British out of the Great Lakes. Soon after this the first sawmills of the Northwest Territory were erected on the banks of this river. This is where the main site for shipbuilding. After the war of 1812 Fort Gratiot was built, which was located at the foot of Lake Huron. It was built to try and control the traffic on the Great Lakes. By the middle 1800's sawmills were operating along the Black and St Clair Rivers. The forest fires of 1871 and 1881 ended the lumbering industry in this region. Other industries such as shipbuilding, mining, salt manufacturing, saved the economy. The Blue Water Bridge was built in 1938 allowing international trade with Canada. The St Clair River is one of the busiest in the world. Ships from all over the world pass through. This area hosts the annual Port Huron to Mackinac Island sailboat race.

St Clair County Website

Abbottsford Adair Algonac (48801)
Allenton (48002) Anchorville (48004) Atkins
Avoca (48006) Bedore Berlin (48002)
Berville (48002) Blaine Brockway (48097)
Burtchville (48059) Capac (48014) Casco (48064)
China (48054) Clay (48001) Clyde
Columbus (48063) Cottrelville (48039) East China (48054)
Emmett (48022) Fair Haven (48023) Fargo (48006)
Forster Fort Gratiot (48059) Gardendale
Goodells (48027) Grant Township (48032) Greenwood (48006)
Harsens Island (48028) Hawthorne Ira (48023)
Jeddo (48032) Keewahdin Kenockee (48006)
Kimball (48074) Lakeport (48059) Lambs
Lesterville Lynn (48097) Mapleleaf
Marine City (48039) Marysville (48040) Memphis (48041)
Miller Muirs Mussey (48014)
Muttonville New Baltimore (48047) North Lakeport
North Street (48049) Pearl Beach (48001) Perch
Peters Port Huron Riley (48041)
Ruby (48049) Russell Island (48001) Saint Clair (48079)
Sans Souci Smiths Creek (48074) Snyderville
Sparlingville Starrville Tappan
Thornton Wadhams Wales (48027)
Yale (48097) blank blank

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