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Van Buren county map

Size: 607 Square Miles
Elevation: 600-900 Feet
Physiography: Hill-lands
Growing Season: 150-170 days
Annual Precipitation: 32-36 inches
Average Snowfall: 60-80 inches
Forest Type: Maple-Beech, Oak-Hickory
Fall Colors: Middle October

The pioneers came to this area and began farming and planting orchards and vineyards. In 1867 A B Jones had a small vineyard and became the first commercial grower in the county. In 1902 the Battle Creek Grape Juice Company was started in Lawton and is still known for its grape industry. After the prohibition era more wineries came to Van Buren. Today in Van Buren County there are wine tours in the county.

Van Buren County Community Center

Almena Bangor (49013) Berlamont
Bloomingdale (49026) Breedsville (49027) Covert (49043)
Decatur (49045) Fitzburg Friendsville
Glendale Gobles (49055) Grand Junction (49056)
Hartford (49057) Keeler Kendall (49062)
Kibbie Lacota (49063) Lawrence (49064)
Lawton (49065) Mattawan (49071) Mentha
North Lake Paw Paw (49079) Pine Grove
Sister Lakes (49047) South Haven (49090) Thunder Mountain
Toquin Wildeys blank

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