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Retail Stores in Michigan

Michigan's has many stores from the department stores to the small specialized stores. These retail establishments sell many different products from clothing, electronics, bedding, jewelery, art, cars just to name a few. For more information about Michigan retailing see the Michigan Retailers Association.

Antique Dealers and Stores
Art Gallery
Art and Craft Stores
Book Stores
Carpet and Flooring Stores
Cellular Phone Stores
Cigar and Cigarettes
Clothing Stores
Coin Collectors
Comic Book Stores
Computer Stores
Dating Services
Electronic Stores
Factory Outlets
Flea Markets
Furnitures Stores
Gas Stations
Greeting Card Stores
Hobby and Model Shops
Michigan Products and Souvenirs
Novelty Stores
Office Supplies
Satellite Television
Stamps Collectors
Television Stores
Toy Stores

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