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Cities in Michigan Beginning With O

City Name County Zip Code Section on our Site
Oak ParkOakland48237South East
OaklandOakland48363South East
OakleySaginaw48649Central East
OcqueocPresque Isle*****North East
OdenEmmet49764North West
OkemosIngham*****South East
Old MissionGrand Traverse49673North West
OlivetEaton49076South West
OmenaLeelanau49674North West
OmerArenac48749Central East
OnawayPresque Isle49765North East
OnekamaManistee49675North West
OnondagaIngham49264South East
OnstedLenawee49265South East
OntonagonOntonagon49953Upper Peninsula
Orchard LakeOakland*****South East
OrionOakland*****South East
OrleansIonia48865South West
OrtonvilleOakland48462South East
OscodaIosco48750North East
OshtemoKalamazoo49077South West
OsseoHillsdale49266South East
OssinekeAlpena49766North East
OtisvilleGenesee48463South East
OtsegoAllegan49078South West
Ottawa LakeMonroe49267South East
Otter LakeLapeer48464South East
OvidClinton48866South East
OwendaleHuron48754Central West
OwossoShiawassee48867South East
OxfordOakland*****South East

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